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Determinants of Emerging Infectious Diseases Threats in Morocco

Jroundi, I

doi: 10.1097/01.ede.0000276441.45799.86

Unit of Training and Research in Public Health, Morocco.


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The aim of this present work was to report the specific risks and determinants of emerging infectious diseases threats in Morocco, taking into account of its particular character, on the following topics: HIV, tuberculosis, influenza, West Nile fever, plague, and their strategy of response.

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Material and Methods:

The particular character of Morocco is in, on one hand, its great biogeographic, climatic, and physiognomic heterogeneity, and on the other hand in its instability and vulnerability related at the same time on human activity, economic development, and industrial platform. In addition to the factors cited above, an increasingly important tourist attraction is added due to the development of the international traffic and displacement of the populations. These determinants were analyzed by multidisciplinary staff to understand their direct and indirect implications in the emergence of certain infectious diseases in our context.

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The threat of emerging and remerging infectious diseases is real in Morocco. The national system adopted a strategy of response, and nevertheless, it remains insufficient and requires an international collaboration in training and monitoring system.

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Morocco made important progress as regards control against the transmissible diseases in relation to the hygiene and the healthiness of the environment. However, it is threatened as much as the other countries by emergent and remerging infectious diseases.

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