Published by: Lisa Hoffman
Created: 5/4/2010
Contains: 8 Episodes
Interviews with top emergency medicine experts and coverage of breaking news and lectures in the specialty.

Published by: Emergency Medicine News
Created: 8/5/2011
Contains: 71 Episodes

Ryan Stanton, MD, interviews specialists and leaders in emergency medicine to help the community emergency provider advance practice and stay on the cutting edge of medicine.

Dr. Stanton is an emergency physician at Baptist Health Lexington and the medical director for Lexington Fire/EMS. He is also the “Doc On-Call” for WTVQ TV, a past president of Kentucky ACEP, and a member of the Public-Media Relations Committee for national ACEP.

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Published by: Charles Bruen, MD
Created: 1/28/2015
Contains: 1 Episodes
Listen in as Charles Bruen, MD, dissects the latest literature on the cardiology conditions emergency physicians see every day.

Published by: Dustin Ballard, MD
Created: 2/12/2015
Contains: 2 Episodes
Listen in as Dustin Ballard, MD, and Angela Ballard, RN, explore the emergency medicine literature to bring you the best evidence-based game-changers for your practice.

Dr.Ballard is an emergency physician at San Rafael Kaiser and the medical director for Marin County Emergency Medical Services. Mrs. Ballard is an EMT, registered nurse, and medical writer and editor. Her writing credits include peer-reviewed publications and co-authorship of A Blistered Kind of Love.

Published by: Martha Roberts, ACNP, CEN
Created: 10/23/2015
Contains: 1 Episodes
Listen in as Martha Roberts, ACNP, CEN, (and sometimes her famous father, James R. Roberts, MD) wax poetic about procedures commonly performed in the emergency department. Tune in each month as she reviews the basics, the best approach for treatment, and pearls and pitfalls for a wide variety of procedures.

Published by:
Created: 8/18/2016
Contains: 7 Episodes
Dr. Mattu reviews the cardiology literature and dissects what you need to know for emergency medicine practice.

Published by: Martha Roberts, ACNP, CEN, & Richard Pescatore, DO
Created: 1/16/2017
Contains: 8 Episodes

Richard Pescatore, DO, and Martha Roberts, ACNP, PNP , preview the upcoming issue of Emergency Medicine News, highlighting the top articles that you shouldn’t miss, game-changers that will influence your practice at the bedside, and, of course, pearls and pitfalls in emergency medicine. The podcast will also bring you a maximum medicine segment to take your patient care to the next level and unscripted interviews with EMN authors.

Dr. Pescatore is the assistant director of emergency medicine research for the Inspira Health Network in Vineland, NJ. Ms. Roberts is an acute care nurse practitioner at Medstar Montgomery Medical Center in Olney, MD, and an adjunct faculty associate and clinical instructor of nursing at the Malek School of Health Professions, Marymount University in Arlington, VA.

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