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Technology & Inventions

    This column focuses on the latest products, devices, and ideas to improve emergency medicine practice. Brief news releases and photographs are welcome, and must be submitted electronically. Images must be 300 dpi, in tiff, jpeg, or eps format, and at least 4”x4” in size. Please send information to

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    EEG in Minutes

    HydroDot, Inc., a developer of electroencephalography systems, has released the new StatNet single-use disposable EEG headpiece. This flexible headpiece allows medical professionals to perform an EEG in minutes, quickly providing doctors with the information they need to begin proper treatment. That speed makes it suitable for use during emergency field situations. StatNet uses pliable printed circuit technology to replace the process of attaching several wires to individual electrodes. Because it is disposable, hospital-borne diseases transmitted by old EEG technology can potentially be avoided. For more information, visit

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    Medical Records Anywhere

    From KARE Information Services (KIS) comes a new online medical records system that gives patients and their physicians the ability to access medical records easily and quickly. The KIS electronic health record stores information in a password-protected account that only the patient, select individuals chosen by the patient, and authorized physicians can access. Patients can authorize KIS to notify family of their current condition, location, and physician in case of an emergency. For more information, visit

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    Mobile Technology for Physicians

    3M Mobile's Physician Solution app allows physicians to manage their daily schedule, review patient information, dictate progress notes, and log accurate charges on iPads, iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys, or Windows Mobile devices. The app has four main sections that physicians can use to organize their day. Mobile Patient Lists allows users to sort patient lists. Mobile Rounds gives physicians view of crucial patient data, and provides test results or other findings in real-time. Mobile Dictation allows users to record and transmit progress notes to speech recognition systems linking a physician's voice to the correct patient. Mobile Charge Capture gathers professional fee charges for any patient encounter. For more information, visit

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    New Laryngoscope Blade

    The Grandview Laryngoscope Blade aids oral endotracheal intubation and decreases the challenges of airway management. The blade's wide surface allows clinicians to pass the blade over the tongue and visualize the larynx. Its 15-degree curvature allows it to conform to the upper airway but still provide a direct line of sight necessary to view the cords. The combination of curvature and width lets the blade be placed on top of the tongue, permitting the tip of the blade to move to the vallecula and epiglottis. For more information, visit

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    Examination Flashlight

    Streamlight, a pro-vider of flashlights for fire and rescue professionals, introduces the ProTac EMS light, a non-glare light designed for pupil and wound examinations. The new light features three levels of intensity for emitting increasing lumens for different examinations. The low setting provides 3.6 lumens, ideal for pupil examinations. The medium setting delivers 10 lumens, which aids in minimizing glare when examining wounds, and the high mode provides 50 lumens of light for general illumination. For more information, visit

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