Lamenting Poor Business Etiquette

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    As an emergency physician recruiter for nearly 23 years, I have seen similar trends to those Barbara Katz mentions in her article, “Doctors Behaving Badly.” (EMN 2011;33[4]:39; I agree with her assessment.

    Some candidates interview and are subsequently formally offered positions, and that is the last we hear from them. No feedback, no thank you, no “go jump in the lake.” Nothing at all.

    I know times are changing in the way we communicate, but I hope they never change to the point where a complete lack of follow-up is acceptable. Courtesy never goes out of style. It should be standard post-interview procedure to send a quick email to say thank you for the interview, travel, meals, and time, but your job isn't for me and hopefully explain why.

    Follow-up is invaluable for both parties. It enables us to improve for the future, and provides the opportunity to clarify any potential misunderstandings the candidate may have had during the interview (and prevents the candidate's decision being made based on a misunderstanding). Has business etiquette changed that much?

    Jim Nicholas


    Emergency Medicine Physicians

    Canton, OH

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