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iPhone's Vision of Medicine's Future

Castro, Harvey MD

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Dr. Castro is an emergency physician, the CEO of Deep Pocket Series (, and the creator of several iPhone apps, including IV MEDS, Stroke Scale, A Shockable Ringtone, Drug Seeker, and 1st Follow Up.

Apple recently filed a patent for the iPhone that will enable users to monitor their heartbeat and perform biometrics by touching the phone. The idea is that the iPhone can detect who is holding it based on the heart rhythm. The patent also says it could determine the user's mood, and be personalized for different users.

This heartbeat sensor will block unknown users from accessing the phone and any confidential information stored on it. According to the patent, the phone would compare portions of the user's heart rhythm and relative peaks in the EKG. I would think an aging or diseased heart or certain medications would affect this, but I'm sure Apple has figured all this out. If the patent is granted, it will be interesting to see patients coming into the ED with their iPhones showing that they are in afib or SVT.

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This medical news web site for patients has streaming live video news from physicians and medical conferences. The company's goal is to be the future of medical information for the medical community and patients. Former CNN anchors Andrew Holtz and Cathy Marshall will be at the helm of what likely will be a common medium, especially as more televisions allow Internet TV. See the latest videos at

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VisualDx (Free)

This app has thousands of medical images that clinicians can use to validate diagnoses, and access the next steps for management and patient care. Users also can develop a differential diagnosis for unusual presentations, and the app integrates keywords to images. Users can enter lesion type and symptoms, and the app will provide a visual diagnosis. Each diagnosis contains a full description of the disease, treatment, and ICD-9 code.

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The Emergency Medicine Review Course held annually by the Ohio chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians offers a comprehensive review for physicians preparing for the qualifying examination, ConCert examination, and continuous certification. Attended by hundreds of physicians each year, this premier review course has high pass rates.

I have created this app with a 50-question pictorial review and 700 review questions with referenced answers in a multiple-choice format. As a resident, I always wanted to know how well I was doing compared with my peers, and the rankings feature allows users to do that. The app ranks each person overall and based on subject depending on the percentage of questions answered correctly. To see current rankings, visit This app will work on the iPad, but users must click twice to view on the full screen.

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