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A Response to Not Au Revoir But Merci Beaucoup

Bailine, Samuel; Petrides, George; Kellner, Charles; More

Journal of ECT . 27(4):339, December 2011.

Catatonia in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition

Francis, Andrew; Fink, Max; Appiani, Francisco; More

Journal of ECT . 26(4):246-247, December 2010.

Seizure Threshold in a Large Sample: Implications for Stimulus Dosing Strategies in Bilateral Electroconvulsive Therapy: A Report From CORE

Petrides, Georgios; Braga, Raphael J.; Fink, Max; More

Journal of ECT . 25(4):232-237, December 2009.

Outcome of Electroconvulsive Therapy by Race in the Consortium for Research on Electroconvulsive Therapy Multisite Study

Williams, Mark D.; Rummans, Teresa; Sampson, Shirlene; More

Journal of ECT . 24(2):117-121, June 2008.

Data Management and Design Issues in an Unmasked Randomized Trial of Electroconvulsive Therapy for Relapse Prevention of Severe Depression: The Consortium for Research in...

Rasmussen, Keith G.; Knapp, Rebecca G.; Biggs, Melanie M.; More

Journal of ECT . 23(4):244-250, December 2007.

Patterns of Psychotropic Medication Use Among Patients with Severe Depression Referred for Electroconvulsive Therapy: Data from the Consortium for Research on Electroconvulsive...

Rasmussen, Keith G.; Mueller, Martina; Kellner, Charles H.; More

Journal of ECT . 22(2):116-123, June 2006.

Bifrontal Stimulation: Where are We Right Now?

Kellner, Charles H.; Knapp, Rebecca G.; Petrides, George; More

Journal of ECT . 22(1):78, March 2006.

ECT Remission Rates in Psychotic Versus Nonpsychotic Depressed Patients: A Report from CORE

Petrides, Georgios; Fink, Max; Husain, Mustafa M.; More

Journal of ECT . 17(4):244-253, December 2001.

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