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Electroconvulsive Therapy for Patients With Major Depression and Probable Lewy Body Dementia

Rasmussen, , Keith G. Jr. MD; Russell, J. Calvin PA-C; Kung, Simon MD; Rummans, Teresa A. MD; Rae-Stuart, Emily MD; O'Connor, M. Kevin MD

Journal of ECT:
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Patients with dementia and depression are commonly encountered in ECT practice. A large body of case reports and case series in demented patients attests to the utility of ECT in treating concomitant depression in this population. However, there are no reported cases of patients with suspected Lewy Body dementia and depression treated with ECT. We describe our experience in treating seven such patients. All of them enjoyed substantial relief from depression with ECT, which they tolerated well. It is concluded that ECT can be effective in treating depression associated with probable Lewy Body dementia.

Author Information

Department of Psychiatry and Psychology Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, U. S. A.

Received August 29, 2002; accepted February 26, 2003

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