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Description and Validation of an LDL Procedure Designed to Select SSPLSO.

Hawkins, David B.; Walden, Brian E.; Montgomery, Allen; Prosek, Robert A.
Ear & Hearing:

A new procedure is described for measuring loudness discomfort levels (LDLs) for the purpose of selecting SSPLSO characteristics of hearing aids. The person is seated in sound field wearing a high-output hearing aid (with a known amount of 2 cm3 coupler gain) connected to a personal earmold. The loudness of frequency- specific signals is rated from a series of loudness category descriptors. The LDL is defined in terms of SPL developed in a 2 cm3 coupler, thus making selection of SSPLSO from hearing aid specification sheets practical. Experiments on LDL stability over time and validation of the SSPLSO selection are reported.

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