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Transanal Rectocele Repair Using Linear Stapler and Bioabsorbable Staple Line Reinforcement Material: Short-Term Results of a Prospective Study

de la Portilla, F Ph.D., M.A.E.C.P.1; Rada, R M.D.1; Vega, J M.D.1; Segovia-González, M M. Ph.D.2; Caro, F M.D3; Cisneros, N Ph.D.1; Maldonado, V H. M.D.1

Diseases of the Colon & Rectum:
doi: 10.1007/DCR.0b013e3181baec51
Original Contribution

PURPOSE: This study was designed to determine the short-term results of transanal rectocele repair with use of a linear stapler and Bioabsorbable Seamguard.

METHODS: Ten women (median age, 56.1 y) with obstructed defecation syndrome were enrolled in the study. The preoperative study consisted of a medical history, physical examination, anoscopy, endoanal ultrasound, and defecography. All patients completed a severity score and a visual analog scale for global quality of life, and provided the postoperative dates of complications.

RESULTS: Overall, the treatment significantly improved the obstructed defecation: the severity score improved from a median of 19.8 ± 4.2 at baseline to 6.10 ± 8.2 at one month (P < .005), 5.9 ± 8.3 at 6 months (P < .005), and 6 ± 8.3 at one year after the operation (P < .005). A significant improvement was observed in the visual analog scale, which improved from a median of 1.8 ± 1.4 at baseline to 6 ± 1.6 at one month (P < .005), 6.6 ± 2.1 at 6 months (P < .004), and 7 ± 2.5 at one year (P < .004). A significant improvement was also observed in various symptoms. Only 2 patients manifested urgent defecation.

CONCLUSIONS: The present study demonstrates that rectocele repair using a linear stapler and Seamguard is a safe, easy procedure, with a very low rate of complications and good immediate outcome.

Author Information

1 Coloproctology Unit, Gastrointestinal Surgery Department, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Huelva, Spain

2 Department of Economics, Quantitative Methods and Economic History, Pablo de Olavide University, Seville, Spain

3 Department of Radiology, Hospital Juan Ramón Jiménez, Huelva, Spain

Correspondence: Fernando de la Portilla, M.D., M.A.E.C.P., Coloproctology Unit, GI Surgery Department, Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital, Huelva, Spain. E-mail: or

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