September/October 2013 - Volume 32 - Issue 5
pp: 213-272

Cardiovascular Genomics: Implications for Acute and Critical Care Nurses

Quinn Griffin, Mary T.; Klein, Deborah; Winkelman, Chris

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(5):213-221, September/October 2013.

Airway Pressure Release Ventilation: Improving Oxygenation: Indications, Rationale, and Adverse Events Associated With Airway Pressure Release Ventilation in Patients With Acute...

Ferdowsali, Kameron; Modock, Jacqueline

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(5):222-228, September/October 2013.

Inhaled Epoprostenol to Support the Severely Hypoxemic Patient With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Arumpanayil, Angela

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(5):229-236, September/October 2013.

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Nursing Students Identify Fears Regarding Working With Diverse Critically Ill Patients: Development of Guidelines for Caring for Diverse Critically Ill Older Adults

Grossman, Sheila

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(5):237-243, September/October 2013.

Transfer Out of Intensive Care: An Evidence-Based Literature Review

Cypress, Brigitte S.

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(5):244-261, September/October 2013.

Differences in Manual and Automatic Blood Pressures in Telemetry Patients With Atrial Fibrillation

Collins, Melissa; Cummings, Adam; Skaggs, Casie; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(5):262-265, September/October 2013.

A Pilot Study on Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit: A Creative Inquiry Project With Undergraduate Nursing Students

Whitcomb, John J.; Morgan, Michelle; Irvin, Tameka; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(5):266-270, September/October 2013.