July/August 2013 - Volume 32 - Issue 4
pp: 157-211

A Review of Critical Care Nursing and Disease Outbreak Preparedness

Makamure, Miranda; Makamure, Muriel; Mendiola, Williane; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(4):157-161, July/August 2013.

A Home Telehealth Heart Failure Management Program for Veterans Through Care Transitions

Baldonado, Analiza; Rodriguez, Lori; Renfro, David; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(4):162-165, July/August 2013.

PCA BY PROXY: Taking the Patient Out of Patient-Controlled Analgesia: This Controversial Practice Can be Done Safely in Carefully Controlled Circumstances

D’Arcy, Yvonne

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(4):200-203, July/August 2013.

Using ABGs to Optimize Mechanical Ventilation: Three Case Studies Illustrate How Arterial Blood Gas Analyses can Guide Appropriate Ventilator Strategy

Lian, Jin Xiong

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(4):204-209, July/August 2013.

Using Evidence-Based Leadership Initiatives to Create a Healthy Nursing Work Environment

Nayback-Beebe, Ann M.; Forsythe, Tanya; Funari, Tamara; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(4):166-173, July/August 2013.

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A Closing Word

Neuro/Trauma Intensive Care Unit Nurses’ Perception of the Use of the Full Outline of Unresponsiveness Score Versus the Glasgow Coma Scale When Assessing the Neurological Status...

Johnson, Valerie D.; Whitcomb, John

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(4):180-183, July/August 2013.

Critical Care Nurses’ Perceptions of Preparedness and Ability to Care for the Dying and Their Professional Quality of Life

Todaro-Franceschi, Vidette

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(4):184-190, July/August 2013.

Exploring Nurses’ Perceptions of Providing Sexual Health Counseling for Patients With Cardiac Disease: Implications for Evidence-Based Interventions

Barnason, Susan; Steinke, Elaine; Mosack, Victoria; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 32(4):191-198, July/August 2013.