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This is a collection of articles discussing various diseases, treatment, and nursing care of patients with GI disorders.

Evidence-Based Practice Strategy: Increasing Timely Nutrition in Mechanically Ventilated Trauma Surgical Patients

Baldonado, Analiza; Naqvi Mugler, Alice; Garland, Adella; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 30(6):346-355, November/December 2011.

Diabulimia: What It Is and How to Recognize It in Critical Care

Ruth-Sahd, Lisa A.; Schneider, Melissa; Haagen, Brigitte

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 28(4):147-153, July/August 2009.

The Identification and Treatment of Toxic Megacolon Secondary to Pseudomembranous Colitis

Earhart, Megan M.

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 27(6):249-254, November/December 2008.

Gastrointestinal Complaints Related to Eating and Drinking Habits and Work Life of Intensive Care Nurses in Zonguldak, Turkey

Çelik, Sevim; Veren, Funda; Ocakci, Ayse

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 27(4):173-179, July/August 2008.

Abdominal Pain Due to Acute Intermittent Porphyria: When is the Sound of Hoof-Beats Not Horses, But Zebras? A Case Report

Palmer, Kent M.

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 25(3):103-109, May/June 2006.

The Role of Gastric pH Testing With Small-Bore Feeding Tubes: In the Intensive Care Unit

Conner, Therese Marie; Carver, Deborah

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing . 24(5):210-214, September/October 2005.