​Continuum Upcoming Issues

Continuum Issues for 2016

Epilepsy-February 2016
Dementia-April 2016
Multiple Sclerosis and Other Demyelinating Disease–June 2016
Movement Disorders–August 2016
Neuroimaging–October 2016
Muscle Disease–December 2016

Continuum Issues for 2017

Cerebrovascular Disease-February 2017
Common Disorders in Ambulatory Neurology-April 2017
Neurology of Systemic Disease-June 2017
Sleep Neurology-August 2017
Child Neurology-October 2017
Peripheral Nervous System Disorders-December 2017

Order of issues is subject to change.

Core Curriculum
Continuum rotates 15 (formerly 12) "Core Curriculum" topics every 3 years. The topics chosen are those that are most heavily weighted on the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) Maintenance of Certification cognitive examination. Five core curriculum and 1 non-core curriculum topics—covering other timely, interesting subjects—are published each year. All topics are available to nonsubscribers as back issues 6 months after publication.

The 15 core curriculum topics covered are:

Cerebrovascular disease
Demyelinating disorders
Movement disorders
Muscle disorders
Neurocritical care
Neuroinfectious disease
Neurology of systemic disease
Peripheral nerve disorders
Psychiatry and behavioral neurology
Sleep neurology
Spine, spinal cord, and nerve root disorders