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Methods of Participation and Instructions for Use

Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology® is designed to help practicing neurologists stay abreast of advances in the field while simultaneously developing lifelong self-directed learning skills. In Continuum, the process of absorbing, integrating, and applying the material presented is as important as, if not more important than, the material itself.

The goals of Continuum include disseminating up-to-date information to the practicing neurologist in a lively, interactive format; fostering self-assessment and lifelong study skills; encouraging critical thinking; and, in the final analysis, strengthening and improving patient care.

Each Continuum issue is prepared by distinguished faculty who are acknowledged leaders in their respective fields. Six issues are published annually and are composed of review articles, case-based discussions on ethical and practice issues related to the issue topic, coding information, and comprehensive CME and self-assessment offerings, including a self-assessment pretest, multiple-choice questions with preferred responses, and a patient management problem. For detailed instructions regarding Continuum CME activities, please click here.

The review articles emphasize clinical issues emerging in the field in recent years. Case reports and vignettes are used liberally, as are tables and illustrations. Video material relating to the issue topic accompanies issues when applicable.

The text can be reviewed and digested most effectively by establishing a regular schedule of study in the office or at home, either alone or in an interactive group. If subscribers use such regular and perhaps new study habits, Continuum’s goal of establishing lifelong learning patterns can be met.