Lithium in the treatment of neutropenia: Retraction

Current Opinion in Hematology:
doi: 10.1097/MOH.0b013e32835304e0

    The Journal retracts the invited review article ‘Lithium in the treatment of neutropenia’ by Petrini and Azzarà [1]. The article was found to have recycled text from a previously published article by Focosi, Azzarà, Kast, Carulli and Petrini [2]. The journal acknowledges that the authors cited this earlier article by their group, but the decision to retract is due to the use of identical sentences in some parts of the subsequent article.

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    1. Petrini M, Azzarà A. Lithium in the treatment of neutropenia. Curr Opin Hematol 2012; 19:52–57.
    2. Focosi D, Azzarà A, Kast RE, et al. Lithium and hematology: established and proposed uses. J Leuk Biol 2009; 85:20–28.
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