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APRN LACE dialogue for CNSs
Blog is about the changes and updates related to the implementation of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Consensus Model for Regulation and the Licensure, Accreditation, Certification and Education changes that will need to take place over the next few years.
Saturday, December 3, 2011
What is happening on the Listserv?
Apparently the discussion about what is happening with ANCC is running rampant on the Listserv...when a topic runs amuck on the listserv it generates a lot of interesting....but often incorrect...information.
My suggestion is to bring the dialogue here...if you are a lurker on this blog and have questions about the processes bring them here. If you have friends who are concerned...bring them here....we can talk in a reasonable environment and ensure that the facts are shared among us and discussed fully. Also, if we come to a conclusion that something needs to be asked or discussed at the LACE (licensure, accreditation, certification, and education) table then I can do that on behalf of CNSs everywhere regardless of your specialty.
I am your official representative to the LACE can get your questions answered here or I can ask them at the official table and bring back the answers...take advantage of that opportunity and share that with your friends who may not be lurking....together we can be aware, we can stay the course of recognition of CNSs in every state, and we can make this work for all of us. We just need to be actively, proactively, engaged.
Dr. Kelly A. Goudreau said:
Excellent question Helena! A simple answer to your final question about creating consistency from state to state is a resounding YES! That is the intent of the APRN Consensus Model and the subsquent actions being taken by the LACE platform. It is hoped that you will be able to have standardized prescriptive authority and authority to practice no matter where you are.
Ms. Helena Greaney said:
Hello Kelly. thank you for assuming this role. The CNS role needs advocacy. My situation is unique but it overlaps with all the new goings on. I received my MSN and adult psych CNS in 1994. This was before the Psych NP came along. As a CNS I was prepared in 5 areas: practice, teaching, administration, research and consultation. My program was very clinical and I had enough of the 3 P's (pathophys, psychopharm, and physical asst) to prescribe and I have had several years of prescribing successfully. Now I would like to prescribe beyond my home state. Several states do not allow CNS to prescribe at all. The jobs I am interested in are the same as the jobs I do now...psychopharmacology evaluations and medication monitoring and some psychotherapy. Can all this new dialogue allow for greater consistency from state to state. If I can prescribe in one state why cant I prescribe in all 50...That would give patients better access to care. Two states in particular: Florida and Ark
Dr. Kelly A. Goudreau said:
Fiona, You have asked many great questions but to respond here limits my ability to fully respond. I will answer your questions in my next blog posting...stay tuned!
Fiona Winterbottom said:
There is a lot of concern being expressed on the listserv about the future of the CNS. Many places are closing CNS programs and opening DNP programs. Are CNS's going to "go away" since there will be no training programs? Are CNS's going to be replaced by DNP's? Do CNS/DNP programs exist and for how long? When will the DNP become the terminal degree for practice as an APRN? What is the impact for people who are in school or graduating? What should current CNS's recommend to those who are going back to school and would like to choose CNS tracks but are limited due to program availability? Thanks Fiona Louisiana
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Kelly A Goudreau DSN, RN, ACNS-BC
Kelly A Goudreau DSN, RN, ACNS-BC is an Associate Editor for the Clinical Nurse Specialist Journal and has been a participant on behalf of NACNS in the development of the APRN Consensus Model and subsequent discussions about implementation of the LACE entity.

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