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Welcome to the May issue of CJSM for 2016.

Our General Review article this month by Zhong and colleagues examines the relationship between Physical Activity and Lung Cancer Risk. This meta-analysis of 18 studies concludes that Physical Activity is associated with a decreased risk of lung cancer, and provides yet another reason for clinicians to prescribe exercise for our patients.  

The positive effects of physical activity are also highlighted in the study by Schinhan and colleagues. In their prospective, randomized study of 30 patients with chronic low back pain, they found positive therapeutic effects for rock climbers versus controls, concluding that climbing may be an effective and low-cost therapy option for people with chronic low back pain.

In a complementary paper to their study published last issue, Mohtadi and colleagues present the complications and adverse events arising during a Randomized Clinical Trial comparing 3 Graft Types for ACL Reconstruction. 330 patients were randomized in a prospective study to either patellar tendon, quadruple-stranded hamstring tendon, or double-bundle hamstring autograft ACL reconstruction. Major complications were found to be uncommon, although 7.3% of patients required secondary surgery (excluding graft re-injury or revision procedures) for complications within the first 2 years post-reconstruction. The authors conclude that ACL reconstructive surgery is safe, with major complications being uncommon. This study offers reassurance for those patients who may be concerned about complications when undergoing this procedure.

We bring you another ten Original Research studies, plus two interesting Case Reports concerning a Clay-Shoveler fracture in a paddler and an unfortunate and rare case of acute epiglottitis in an 18 year-old collegiate athlete necessitating Intensive Care Unit admission.

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Consensus Statement on Concussion

Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport—the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport Held in Zurich, November 2012

McCrory, Paul; Meeuwisse, Willem; Aubry, Mark; Cantu, Bob; Dvorak, Jiri; Echemendia, Ruben J.; Engebretsen, Lars; Johnston, Karen; Kutcher, Jeffrey S.; Raftery, Martin; Sills, Allen; Coauthors: Brian W. Benson, MD, PhD, Gavin A. Davis, MBBS, Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, Kevin M. Guskiewicz, PhD, ATC, Stanley A. Herring, MD, Grant Ive  

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