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About this Issue

This month, we are pleased to welcome you to a special Thematic Issue of the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine focusing on the Care of the Wilderness and Adventure Athlete.

This Thematic Issue is the result of a special collaboration between the Wilderness Medicine Society (WMS) and the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM), and will be co-published in due course in the Official Journal of WMS, Wilderness and Environmental Medicine.

There is a diverse range of content ranging from topics related to pre-participation evaluation, general medical considerations in the wilderness medicine environment, and the consideration of specific risk factors for participants including extremes of temperature. 

Our Care of the Wilderness and Adventure Athlete Issue arrives as a welcome reference source for all of those involved in caring for the Wilderness and Adventure Athlete, and we hope that it will help clinicians to improve the standard of care for their patients at all stages of their participation in events, from the planning and pre-participation phase to the care of the individual athlete during the event itself. 

We extend our thanks to a number of individuals responsible for the production of this Thematic Issue including our Principal Guest Editor and Immediate Past-President of AMSSM, Chris Madden, Tony Islas, Scott McIntosh, Chad Asplund, Aaron Campbell, Martin Hoffman, and CJSM's Associate Editor for Thematic Issues, Thomas Trojian, together with all of the authors of the manuscripts herein.  

We also bring you, courtesy of our Emerging Media Editor, James MacDonald, a linked podcast interview with Chris Madden.

As ever, don't forget to check out our blog at http://www.cjsmblog.com and social media content on Twitter (@cjsmonline) and FaceBook.

Until next time, with my very best wishes as always,



Christopher Hughes MBBS MSc

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