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About this Issue

It's hard to believe that we have come to the last Issue of CJSM in 2016, but here we are in November with the year drawing in.

This month, we bring you two systematic review articles, two Case Reports, and a wealth of Original Research.

Our highlighted Critical Review article this month concerns the subject of risk factors for lower extremity injury amongst high school athletes. This Systematic Review included 9 studies, and risk factors for injury amongst high school athletes identified from these included maturation as a predictor of total injury risk, with knee hyperextension (ACL injury risk), hip external to internal rotator strength ratio (patellofemoral pain syndrome), and foot posture index (ankle sprain) as individual risk factors for specific injuries.

The authors conclude that there is little evidence from prospective studies either for or against functional musculoskeletal examination as part of a PPE to assess lower extremity injury risk amongst high school athletes, with limited evidence for assessing maturation status and multidirectional balance as generalizable risk factors for lower limb injury.

In another Systematic Review and Meta-analysis published this month, Psaltopoulou and colleagues examined the association between physical activity and gastric cancer risk, including ten cohort studies and twelve case-control studies in their analysis. They found a protective effect of physical activity on gastric cancer risk, particularly amongst Asian populations.

Our Case Reports this month focus on stress fractures of the first rib in baseball, and the use of botulinum toxin for chronic exertional compartment syndrome, and our Original Research articles include such diverse subjects as the use of acupuncture for DOMS symptoms, ultrasound-guided radiofrequency denervation of the medial calcaneal nerve, and the examination of single-leg squat as a tool to evaluate frontal plane control amongst young athletes.

Keep an eye on our CJSM Blog, Twitter feed (@cjsmonline), and Facebook pages for more from our Emerging Media Editor, James Macdonald, and don't forget to check out our ever-growing number of CME articles on the LWW CME Connection website.

May I take this opportunity on behalf of all of those who work on the Journal to wish our readers all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

See you in 2017!

Best wishes,





Christopher Hughes MBBS MSc


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Do you use viscosupplementation (injections) as part of your treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis?
Do you use viscosupplementation (injections) as part of your treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis?
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