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Welcome to the May issue of the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine.

The Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine enjoys a truly International readership, from the United States and Canada to Europe, Asia and beyond, and this issue we are pleased to present a wealth of Original Research from around the Globe.

Our readers in Australia, including our Affiliate Society members of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians (ACSP), will be interested to read a study by Donaldson and colleagues focused on establishing an expert consensus on a exercise training program to prevent lower-limb injuries in Australian Rules Football.

The study, using a Delphi consultation process, resulted in the creation of an injury prevention exercise regime known as 'FootyFirst' which is specific to community Australian Rules Football players. Now that this injury prevention program has been finalized, it will be interesting to see further research concerning the effectiveness of the intervention in practice.

Also from Australia, but in conjunction with the United States this time, we bring you another study concerning risk factors for Tibial stress injuries by Beck and colleagues. Interesting findings concerning lean and fat mass indices and foot mechanics issues were found, with the authors suggesting that enhancing lean mass and limiting gains in fat may mitigate the risk for these injuries to an extent.

Regular readers of CJSM will be well-versed in research on topics related to concussion, and this issue there are a number of articles of interest in this area from a United States-dominated research base with authors hailing from New York, Boston Massachusetts, Georgia, and Nashville, Tennessee, some of whom will no doubt be Members of one other of our United States-based Affiliate Societies, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) and the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (AOASM).

Many of our readers are involved in the management of athletes sustaining a concussive injury, and whilst we may be confident in advising on return to play issues, there is less guidance available on return to academic activity. Hall and colleagues, from North Carolina, highlight the importance of return to academic activity considerations, and offer some recommendations based on a team approach in our Practical Management article this issue.

Moving on to Asia, we bring you research from Japan on the use of supplements by Japanese elite athletes during the 2012 Olympics in London. Just over 2,788 km away from Japan, we present an article by Yeung and colleagues in Hong Kong on the acute effects of Kinesio-taping on knee extensor peak torque and EMG activity after exhaustive isometric knee extension, suggesting that there may be a beneficial effect of using Kinesio tape in some sports requiring rapid force generation of the knee extensors.

Heading over to Europe, there is research from Da Roza and colleagues based in Portugal on the correlation between volume of training and ranking level with leakage of urine in young female trampolinists.

Finally, returning back to Vancouver, Canada, deep in the heart of the territory of our founder Society the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine, we have research on the sex differences in cardiac function following prolonged strenuous exercise.

There are also four online case reports for your interest.

As ever, don't forget to check out our blog at http://www.cjsmblog.com and our social media content on Twitter (@cjsmonline) and Facebook, led by Emerging Media Editor, Dr James MacDonald.Until next time, as always, with my very best wishes, 


Christopher Hughes MBBS MSc

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Consensus Statement on Concussion

Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport—the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport Held in Zurich, November 2012

McCrory, Paul; Meeuwisse, Willem; Aubry, Mark; Cantu, Bob; Dvorak, Jiri; Echemendia, Ruben J.; Engebretsen, Lars; Johnston, Karen; Kutcher, Jeffrey S.; Raftery, Martin; Sills, Allen; Coauthors: Brian W. Benson, MD, PhD, Gavin A. Davis, MBBS, Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, Kevin M. Guskiewicz, PhD, ATC, Stanley A. Herring, MD, Grant Ive  

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