February 2009 - Volume 37 - Issue 2
pp: 403-801
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Influence of vasopressor agent in septic shock mortality. Results from the Portuguese Community-Acquired Sepsis Study (SACiUCI study)*

Póvoa, Pedro R.; Carneiro, António H.; Ribeiro, Orquídea S.; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):410-416, February 2009.

Alkaline phosphatase treatment improves renal function in severe sepsis or septic shock patients*

Heemskerk, Suzanne; Masereeuw, Rosalinde; Moesker, Olof; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):417-e1, February 2009.

Concise Definitive Review

Interactive video instruction improves the quality of dispatcher-assisted chest compression-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation in simulated cardiac arrests*

Yang, Chih-Wei; Wang, Hui-Chih; Chiang, Wen-Chu; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):490-495, February 2009.

N-acetylcysteine as adjunctive treatment in severe malaria: A randomized, double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical trial*

Charunwatthana, Prakaykaew; Faiz, M Abul; Ruangveerayut, Ronnatrai; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):516-522, February 2009.

Furosemide does not improve renal recovery after hemofiltration for acute renal failure in critically ill patients: A double blind randomized controlled trial*

van der Voort, Peter H. J.; Boerma, E Christiaan; Koopmans, Matty; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):533-538, February 2009.

Immunosuppression associated with interleukin-1R-associated-kinase-M upregulation predicts mortality in Gram-negative sepsis (melioidosis)

Wiersinga, Willem Joost; Veer, Cornelis van’t; van den Pangaart, Petra S.; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):569-576, February 2009.

Phosphodiesterase 2 inhibition diminished acute lung injury in murine pneumococcal pneumonia*

Witzenrath, Martin; Gutbier, Birgitt; Schmeck, Bernd; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):584-590, February 2009.

Intra-abdominal pressure effects on porcine thoracic compliance in weightlessness: Implications for physiologic tolerance of laparoscopic surgery in space

Kirkpatrick, Andrew W.; Keaney, Marilyn; Hemmelgarn, Brenda; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):591-597, February 2009.

Bβ15-42 (FX06) reduces pulmonary, myocardial, liver, and small intestine damage in a pig model of hemorrhagic shock and reperfusion*

Roesner, Jan P.; Petzelbauer, Peter; Koch, Alexander; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):598-605, February 2009.

Activation of coagulation and inhibition of fibrinolysis in the human lung on bronchial instillation of lipoteichoic acid and lipopolysaccharide*

Hoogerwerf, Jacobien J.; de Vos, Alex F.; Levi, Marcel; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):619-625, February 2009.

Systemic use of the endolysin Cpl-1 rescues mice with fatal pneumococcal pneumonia*

Witzenrath, Martin; Schmeck, Bernd; Doehn, Jan M.; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):642-649, February 2009.

Clinical practice parameters for hemodynamic support of pediatric and neonatal septic shock: 2007 update from the American College of Critical Care Medicine*

Brierley, Joe; Carcillo, Joseph A.; Choong, Karen; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):666-688, February 2009.

The clinical effectiveness of central venous catheters treated with anti-infective agents in preventing catheter-related bloodstream infections: A systematic review*

Hockenhull, Juliet C.; Dwan, Kerry M.; Smith, Godfrey W.; More

Critical Care Medicine . 37(2):702-712, February 2009.