June 2001 - Volume 29 - Issue 6
pp: 1101-1297
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Positive end-expiratory pressure titration in acute respiratory distress syndrome patients: Impact on right ventricular outflow impedance evaluated by pulmonary artery Doppler flow...

Schmitt, Jean-Marie; Vieillard-Baron, Antoine; Augarde, Roch; More

Critical Care Medicine . 29(6):1154-1158, June 2001.

An enhanced fibrinolysis prevents the development of multiple organ failure in disseminated intravascular coagulation in spite of much activation of blood coagulation

Asakura, Hidesaku; Ontachi, Yasuo; Mizutani, Tomoe; More

Critical Care Medicine . 29(6):1164-1168, June 2001.

Can generic scores (Pediatric Risk of Mortality and Pediatric Index of Mortality) replace specific scores in predicting the outcome of presumed meningococcal septic shock in...

Leteurtre, Stéphane; Leclerc, Francis; Martinot, Alain; More

Critical Care Medicine . 29(6):1239-1246, June 2001.