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Two-State Collaborative Study of a Multifaceted Intervention to Decrease Ventilator-Associated Events.

Rawat, Nishi; Yang, Ting; Ali, Kisha J.; More

Critical Care Medicine ., Post Author Corrections: April 26, 2017

Application of a Framework to Assess the Usefulness of Alternative Sepsis Criteria

Seymour, Christopher W.; Coopersmith, Craig M.; Deutschman, Clifford S.; More

Critical Care Medicine . 44(3):e122-e130, March 2016.

Ventilator-Associated Events in Neonates and Children—A New Paradigm*

Cocoros, Noelle M.; Kleinman, Ken; Priebe, Gregory P.; More

Critical Care Medicine . 44(1):14-22, January 2016.

Developing a New, National Approach to Surveillance for Ventilator-Associated Events*

Magill, Shelley S.; Klompas, Michael; Balk, Robert; More

Critical Care Medicine . 41(11):2467-2475, November 2013.

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