1989 - Volume 13 - Supplement 5
pp: S1-S229,S1-228

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Conversion of Big Endothelin-1 to 21-Residue Endothelin-1 Is Essential for Expression of Full Vasoconstrictor Activity: Structure-Activity Relationships of Big Endothelin-1.

Kimura, Sadao; Kasuya, Yoshitoshi; Sawamura, Tatsuya; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology . 13():S5-7, 1989.

Synthesis of Endothelin-1 Analogues, Endothelin-3, and Sarafotoxin S6b: Structure-Activity Relationships.

Nakajima, Kiichiro; Kumagaye, Shin-ichiroh; Nishio, Hideki; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology . 13():S8-12, 1989.

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