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Closed reduction with or without adductor tenotomy for developmental dysplasia of the hip presenting at walking age

Barakat, Ahmed Samir; Zein, Abou Bakr; Arafa, Amr Said; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 28(2):195-199, March/April 2017.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000478

Are cephalomedullary interlocking screws superior to standard interlocking screws in subtrochanteric femoral fractures with an intact lesser trochanter?

Konopka, Geoffrey; Ritchey, Andrew; Ambrose, Catherine G.; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 28(4):371-374, July/August 2017.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000526

Management of 30 infected nonunited tibial fractures by Ilizarov external fixator with acute shortening distraction technique with consideration of the causative organism

Barakat, Ahmed Samir; Elguindy, Ahmed; Elazab, Mohamed; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 28(4):416-423, July/August 2017.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000531

Direct anterior approach total hip arthroplasty requires less supplemental acetabular screw fixation and fewer blood transfusions than posterior approach

Colacchio, Nicholas D.; Cleary, Mark X.; Reid, Daniel; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 28(4):404-408, July/August 2017.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000520

Analysis of needle type for musculoskeletal lesion biopsy: results of a novel steerable needle

Palisch, Andrew; Patel, Raj G.; Gutowski, Christina; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 27(4):393-399, July/August 2016.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000399

Third Place Award: Posttraumatic elbow arthrofibrosis incidence and risk factors a retrospective review

Marchand, Lucas S.; Working, Zachary M.; Williams, John B.; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 28(4):348-352, July/August 2017.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000532

Second Place Award: Tranexamic acid and intrathecal morphine are synergistic in reducing transfusion requirements in pediatric posterior spinal fusion

Schur, Mathew D.; Blumstein, Gideon W.; Ross, Patrick A.; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 28(4):341-347, July/August 2017.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000525

A novel subsartorial approach in open reduction of developmental dysplasia of the hip: a preliminary 2-year follow-up report of 20 hips

Samir Barakat Mostafa, Ahmed; Zein, Abou Bakr; El Sayed, Mohamed Fouad; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 28(1):42-47, January/February 2017.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000448

Midterm follow-up results for 10 patients with giant cell tumor of the distal tibia treated by extended curettage, adjuvant liquid nitrogen, and autogenous bone graft.

Rahman, Mohamed Abdel; Mashhour, Mohamed Ahmed; El Masry, Ayman Mohammad; More

Current Orthopaedic Practice. 28(6):567-572, November/December 2017.

doi: 10.1097/BCO.0000000000000553

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