July/August 2012 - Volume 33 - Issue 4
pp: 453-560,e180-e227
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Catechol-O-Methyltransferase Genotype Predicts Pain Severity in Hospitalized Burn Patients

Orrey, Danielle C.; Bortsov, Andrey V.; Hoskins, Janelle M.; More

Journal of Burn Care & Research . 33(4):518-523, July/August 2012.

Prolonged C1 Inhibitor Administration Improves Local Healing of Burn Wounds and Reduces Myocardial Inflammation in a Rat Burn Wound Model

Begieneman, Mark P. V.; Kubat, Bela; Ulrich, Magda M. W.; More

Journal of Burn Care & Research . 33(4):544-551, July/August 2012.