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Randomized, Paired-Site Comparison of Autologous Engineered Skin Substitutes and Split-Thickness Skin Graft for Closure of Extensive, Full-Thickness Burns

Boyce, Steven T.; Simpson, Peggy S.; Rieman, Mary T.; More

Journal of Burn Care & Research. 38(2):61-70, March/April 2017.

Use of Intra-arterial Thrombolytic Therapy for Acute Treatment of Frostbite in 62 Patients with Review of Thrombolytic Therapy in Frostbite

Gonzaga, Teresa; Jenabzadeh, Kamrun; Anderson, Christopher P.; More

Journal of Burn Care & Research. 37(4):e323-e334, July/August 2016.

A Survey of Mechanical Ventilator Practices Across Burn Centers in North America

Chung, Kevin K.; Rhie, Ryan Y.; Lundy, Jonathan B.; More

Journal of Burn Care & Research. 37(2):e131-e139, March/April 2016.

The Effect of Wound Dressings on a Bio-Engineered Human Dermo-Epidermal Skin Substitute in a Rat Model

Hüging, Martina; Biedermann, Thomas; Sobrio, Monia; More

Journal of Burn Care & Research. 38(6):354-364, November/December 2017.

Burn Rehabilitation Therapists Competency Tool—Version 2: An Expansion to Include Long-Term Rehabilitation and Outpatient Care

Parry, Ingrid; Forbes, Lisa; Lorello, David; More

Journal of Burn Care & Research. 38(1):e261-e268, January/February 2017.

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