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Effect of native fucoidan, sulfated fucoidan, heparin and 6-aminohexanoic acid on the activation of glutamic-plasminogen by urokinase: role of NaCl

Hall, Gustavia; Lang, Deshawn; Qiu, Xiangdong; Doctor, Vasant

Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis:
doi: 10.1097/01.mbc.0000224847.12131.89
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Addition of a physiological concentration of NaCl (0.9%) to 0.05 mol/l Tris buffer (pH 7.4) reversed the enhancement of the activation of glutamic-type plasminogen (Glu-Plg) by low molecular weight urokinase by fucoidan and heparin, while addition of aminohexanoic acid (6-AH) enhanced the activation. Native fucoidan (N-2), sulfated fucoidan (S-2) and heparin alone and in the presence of 6-AH were investigated to determine the effect of NaCl addition to 0.05 mol/l Tris (pH 7.4) on the activation of Glu-plg by high molecular weight urokinase (HMW u-Pa). Heparin alone and in conjunction with 6-AH enhanced 4.5 to 5.5-fold the initial rate of activation of Glu-plg, while N-2 alone or in conjunction with 6-AH gave 3 to 5.5-fold enhancement and S-2 gave no enhancement of activation using 0.05 mol/l Tris buffer (pH 7.4). Addition of 0.9% NaCl to the buffer reversed the enhancement by the cofactors but, in the presence of 6-AH, N-2 gave two-fold and S-2 gave three-fold enhancement of activation while heparin gave 25% enhancement. The mechanism of enhancement by S-2 in the presence of 6-AH was investigated by dilution and enzyme kinetic studies. The results show that the enhancement was due to interaction with HMW u-PA and not with Glu-plg.

Author Information

Department of Chemistry, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas, USA

Received 15 August, 2005

Revised 18 December, 2005

Accepted 14 February, 2006

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Sponsorship: This study was supported by Grant No. 08094 from NIGMS-NIH.

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