Deep tissue injury

Created:   3/5/2014
Contains:  4 items
A collection of articles to discuss deep tissue injury from clinical, epidemiological, and bioengineering perspectives

Diabetic foot ulcer: new evidence on management

Creator:   woo
Created:   12/9/2012
Contains:  3 items
Diabetic foot ulcers are common. This collection highlights new evidence on the management of diabetic foot ulcers

Everything you need to know about venous leg ulcers

Created:   2/14/2011
Contains:  3 items
A collection of succinct and precise summary of assessment and treatment of venous leg ulcers.

Everything You Need to Know about Wound Infection: The What, Where, When, and Why.

Creator:   editor
Created:   7/22/2010
Contains:  4 items
Wound infection is a common problem. This collection will address the following clinical questions: What is wound infection? Why do we need to treat wound infection? How to diagnose wound infection? When to treat wound infection? What can be used to treat wound infection?

Focus on palliative care

Creator:   Woo
Created:   2/17/2015
Contains:  3 items
This is a collection of articles on the essentials of palliative care.

Focus on periwound

Created:   3/12/2013
Contains:  3 items
Although often ignored, periwound skin damage can increase pain and slow down wound healing. There are a number of ways to maintain healthy skin.

Heel ulcers

Created:   8/8/2011
Contains:  3 items
Why are heel ulcers so common? How to treat heel ulcers?

Pressure Ulcer Documentation Update: What Are the New Changes?

Creator:   Editor
Created:   6/30/2010
Contains:  3 items
The new MDS for pressure ulcer documentation is based on new framework that is consistant with National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel recommendations. These changes can be confusing. This collection of articles will provide an overview of the new regulations for accurate and complete documentation of wounds.

Skin failure

Created:   3/31/2016
Contains:  3 items
What is skin failure?

Understanding Burn Wounds

Created:   11/15/2010
Contains:  3 items
Burn related wounds are complex depending on the types of burn related injury, severity, location, and the extent. After reading this articles, you will have a better understanding of the intricacies involved in the pathophysiology of burn wounds. A holistic care approach is important to address the mutiple dimensions of care needs. Topical dressing, education, rehabilitation and psychosocial interventions should be carefully customized to meet the needs of the burn patient.

Wound pain: a key patient concern

Creator:   editor
Created:   9/7/2010
Contains:  3 items
Pain is common but devastating to people living with chronic wounds. This collection of articles provides a comprehensive description of approach to wound pain.