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A New Approach to Evaluation and Surgery of the Malar Complex.

Powell, Nelson B. M.D.; Riley, Robert W. M.D.; Laub, Donald R. M.D.
Annals of Plastic Surgery:
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Prominent malar eminences are considered aesthetic and have been equated with a more youthful appearance. The precise area for accentuation and the surgical method for altering contour have not been universally agreed upon. A new technique for evaluation is suggested, and a surgical osteotomy for malar contouring is described. Twenty-one patients have undergone treatment; 16 procedures were bilateral and 5 were unilateral. The longest postoperative follow-up is 20 months and the shortest, 6 months. Results have shown symmetry, natural contour, good patient acceptance, and no significant complications. These two new techniques, when combined with existing knowledge and experience, should enhance the ability to analyze and alter the malar complex.

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