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Antibiotics Versus Surgical Therapy for Uncomplicated Appendicitis: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Controlled Trials (PROSPERO 2015: CRD42015016882)

Harnoss, Julian C.; Zelienka, Isabelle; Probst, Pascal; More

Annals of Surgery . 265(5):889-900, May 2017.

Extended Right Thoracic Approach Compared With Limited Left Thoracic Approach for Patients With Middle and Lower Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Three-year Survival of a...

Li, Bin; Hu, Hong; Zhang, Yawei; More

Annals of Surgery ., Post Author Corrections: April 26, 2017

Mortality Trends After a Voluntary Checklist-based Surgical Safety Collaborative.

Haynes, Alex B.; Edmondson, Lizabeth; Lipsitz, Stuart R.; More

Annals of Surgery ., Post Author Corrections: April 6, 2017

The Future of Basic Science in Academic Surgery: Identifying Barriers to Success for Surgeon-scientists

Keswani, Sundeep G.; Moles, Chad M.; Morowitz, Michael; More

Annals of Surgery . 265(6):1053-1059, June 2017.

Virtual Reality Simulation for the Operating Room: Proficiency-Based Training as a Paradigm Shift in Surgical Skills Training

Gallagher, Anthony G.; Ritter, E Matt; Champion, Howard; More

Annals of Surgery . 241(2):364-372, February 2005.

Multicenter, Prospective Trial of Selective Drain Management for Pancreatoduodenectomy Using Risk Stratification

McMillan, Matthew T.; Malleo, Giuseppe; Bassi, Claudio; More

Annals of Surgery . 265(6):1209-1218, June 2017.

To Drain or Not to Drain Infraperitoneal Anastomosis After Rectal Excision for Cancer: The GRECCAR 5 Randomized Trial

Denost, Quentin; Rouanet, Philippe; Faucheron, Jean-Luc; More

Annals of Surgery . 265(3):474-480, March 2017.

Postinjury Coagulopathy Management: Goal Directed Resuscitation via POC Thrombelastography

Kashuk, Jeffry L.; Moore, Ernest E.; Sawyer, Michael; More

Annals of Surgery . 251(4):604-614, April 2010.

Prehospital Intravenous Fluid Administration Is Associated With Higher Mortality in Trauma Patients: A National Trauma Data Bank Analysis

Haut, Elliott R.; Kalish, Brian T.; Cotton, Bryan A.; More

Annals of Surgery . 253(2):371-377, February 2011.

Beta-Blockers and Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma Guideline.

Alali, Aziz S.; Mukherjee, Kaushik; McCredie, Victoria A.; More

Annals of Surgery ., Post Author Corrections: May 18, 2017

Efficacy of the Da Vinci Surgical System in Abdominal Surgery Compared With That of Laparoscopy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Maeso, Sergio; Reza, Mercedes; Mayol, Julio A.; More

Annals of Surgery . 252(2):254-262, August 2010.

Effects of a Perioperative Smoking Cessation Intervention on Postoperative Complications: A Randomized Trial

Lindström, David; Azodi, Omid Sadr; Wladis, Andreas; More

Annals of Surgery . 248(5):739-745, November 2008.

Should More Patients Continue Aspirin Therapy Perioperatively?: Clinical Impact of Aspirin Withdrawal Syndrome

Gerstein, Neal Stuart; Schulman, Peter Mark; Gerstein, Wendy Hawks; More

Annals of Surgery . 255(5):811-819, May 2012.

Microvascular Breast Reconstruction and Lymph Node Transfer for Postmastectomy Lymphedema Patients

Saaristo, Anne M.; Niemi, Tarja S.; Viitanen, Tiina P.; More

Annals of Surgery . 255(3):468-473, March 2012.

Hospital Standards to Promote Optimal Surgical Care of the Older Adult: A Report From the Coalition for Quality in Geriatric Surgery.

Berian, Julia R.; Rosenthal, Ronnie A.; Baker, Tracey L.; More

Annals of Surgery ., Post Author Corrections: March 8, 2017

Small-Incision Mitral Valve Repair: Safe, Durable, and Approaching Perfection

Gammie, James S.; Bartlett, Stephen T.; Griffith, Bartley P.

Annals of Surgery . 250(3):409-415, September 2009.

To What Extent Does Posthospital Discharge Chemoprophylaxis Prevent Venous Thromboembolism After Bariatric Surgery?: Results From a Nationwide Cohort of More Than 110,000 Patients.

Thereaux, Jérémie; Lesuffleur, Thomas; Czernichow, Sébastien; More

Annals of Surgery ., Post Author Corrections: May 4, 2017

Evidence-Based Surgical Care and the Evolution of Fast-Track Surgery

Kehlet, Henrik; Wilmore, Douglas W.

Annals of Surgery . 248(2):189-198, August 2008.

Postoperative Complications Following Surgery for Rectal Cancer

Paun, Bogdan C.; Cassie, Scott; MacLean, Anthony R.; More

Annals of Surgery . 251(5):807-818, May 2010.

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