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Establishing a Quantitative Benchmark for Morbidity in Pancreatoduodenectomy Using ACS-NSQIP, the Accordion Severity Grading System, and the Postoperative Morbidity Index

Vollmer, Charles M. Jr; Lewis, Russell S.; Hall, Bruce L.; More

Annals of Surgery . 261(3):527-536, March 2015.

Incidental Gallbladder Cancer at Cholecystectomy: When Should the Surgeon Be Suspicious?

Pitt, Susan C.; Jin, Linda X.; Hall, Bruce L.; More

Annals of Surgery . 260(1):128-133, July 2014.

Improved Outcomes of Bile Duct Injuries in the 21st Century

Pitt, Henry A.; Sherman, Stuart; Johnson, Matthew S.; More

Annals of Surgery . 258(3):490-499, September 2013.

Choledochoceles: Are They Choledochal Cysts?

Ziegler, Kathryn M.; Pitt, Henry A.; Zyromski, Nicholas J.; More

Annals of Surgery . 252(4):683-690, October 2010.

Fatty Pancreas: A Factor in Postoperative Pancreatic Fistula

Mathur, Abhishek; Pitt, Henry A.; Marine, Megan; More

Annals of Surgery . 246(6):1058-1064, December 2007.

Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms: Predictors of Malignant and Invasive Pathology

Schmidt, C Max; White, Patrick B.; Waters, Joshua A.; More

Annals of Surgery . 246(4):644-654, October 2007.

Gallbladder Cancer: The Role of Laparoscopy and Radical Resection

Shih, Samuel P.; Schulick, Richard D.; Cameron, John L.; More

Annals of Surgery . 245(6):893-901, June 2007.

Neuroendocrine Hepatic Metastases: Does Aggressive Management Improve Survival?

Touzios, John G.; Kiely, James M.; Pitt, Susan C.; More

Annals of Surgery . 241(5):776-785, May 2005.

Surgical Management of Bile Duct Injuries Sustained During Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Perioperative Results in 200 Patients

Sicklick, Jason K.; Camp, Melissa S.; Lillemoe, Keith D.; More

Annals of Surgery . 241(5):786-795, May 2005.

Cystic Pancreatic Neoplasms: Observe or Operate

Spinelli, Kristine S.; Fromwiller, Travis E.; Daniel, Roger A.; More

Annals of Surgery . 239(5):651-659, May 2004.

Six Hundred Fifty Consecutive Pancreaticoduodenectomies in the 1990s: Pathology, Complications, and Outcomes

Yeo, Charles J.; Cameron, John L.; Sohn, Taylor A.; More

Annals of Surgery . 226(3):248-260, September 1997.

Pancreaticoduodenectomy for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: Postoperative Adjuvant Chemoradiation Improves Survival: A Prospective, Single-Institution Experience

Yeo, Charles J.; Abrams, Ross A.; Grochow, Louise B.; More

Annals of Surgery . 225(5):621-636, May 1997.

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