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Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Hot Papers
Papers reach their citation peak two, three, or even four years after initial publication. A small group of papers, however, is recognized very soon after publication, as reflected by rapid and significant numbers of citations. These papers are often key papers in their fields. Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI), the company that provides Web of Science, an invaluable research tool that was discussed in a previous blog entry also generates a Hot Papers database using a special filtering mechanism. “Hot papers” are those papers that receive significantly more attention via citations soon after publication relative to other papers in the same field and of the same age. Only those papers published in the last two years are considered in this quantitative analysis. Data is updated every two to four months. To correct for scientific field variations in citation rate, each scientific field is treated separately. Furthermore, since older papers tend to be cited more frequently than newer (just published) papers, a separate analysis is made for each two-month grouping of papers, giving a total of 12 groupings over the two-year period. This analysis is set to retrieve about 0.1% of papers. “Papers” are defined as regular scientific articles, review articles, proceedings papers, and research notes. Letters to the editor, correction notices, and abstracts are not included under this definition; only Thomson Scientific-indexed journal articles, or papers, are analyzed. Counts are based on a journal set categorized into 22 broad fields.  Fields are defined by a unique grouping of journals with no single journal being assigned to more than one field. The multidisciplinary field contains journals such as Science and Nature.

LWW, the publisher of Anesthesiology, has licensed Thomson Reuters’ (ISI’s) Hot Papers database and a widget for Hot Papers is now available on the Anesthesiology website;  find it on the homepage on the "most popular" widget-it's the "Highest Impact" tab. Citations to Anesthesiology content would be tracked in Thomson Reuters’ “Clinical Medicine” category. Page 2 will summarize articles pertinent to anesthesiology when they are included in the Hot Papers database.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.  Let us know how you like it!

Posted by J. Lance Lichtor, M.D.
J. Lance Lichor, MD
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J. Lance Lichtor, M.D
J. Lance Lichtor, M.D. is a professor of anesthesiology and pediatrics at The University of Massachusetts Medical School. He is the web editor and an associate editor for Anesthesiology.

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