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Monday, January 24, 2011
Tools for authors: Web of Science
You're writing a manuscript and you have found references you think are appropriate. But are they truly? One tool that's quite useful to find references, which many authors actually do not know much about, is Web of Science. Particularly if you want to make absolutely certain that no one has written a more recent article on a topic, or that someone hasn't written a letter to the editor stating that a particular article that you've referenced is no good, Web of Science is quite valuable.

When you find an article within Web of Science, a link is provided for all articles that are referenced within any given article. Additionally, a link is provided for articles that have referenced that particular article.

Admittedly, not all libraries carry Web of Science as it is expensive. However, if your library does subscribe, ask your librarian how to use it.

Have you used Web of Science? If you have thoughts about this topic or about anything else we should discuss, send us a note.
Posted by Lance Lichtor
Lance Lichtor
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