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Bergquist, Barry D. M.D.*

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A brilliant cocktail party
In the Afterlife
Ran into an old patient
Who remembered me well
Tho’ I can’t for life of me…
“A few years ago,” said he, insistently
(600 a year—hard to recall ‘em all)
“You remember my thigh fracture…”
He tried to refresh my memory,
(The words were familiar
I’ve oft uttered them)
In my experience…
Chances of Life—
Like the one I continued to live
“You told me odds were in my favor
Better than 9 outta ten…
Safer than driving a car
But I never died driving a car.
I skied no more, that’s the least of it
My kids grew up without a father
While you had a great life.
Nice to see you again.”

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