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Some Day

Saupé, Richard L. M.D.*

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“You know, the ‘good old days’ weren’t always good,
And tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.” - Billy Joel
Some Day…
Taking a patient history
Will be as easy as swiping a credit card.
But Today…
I will examine, review, and analyze
The information I have before me.
Some Day…
A magic pill will reconfigure your DNA
And virtually eliminate most disease.
But Today…
I will study, practice and manage
Obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
Some Day…
Opioids won’t cause
Nausea, pruritis and respiratory depression.
But Today…
I will prescribe judiciously
And adjust for undesirable side effects.
Some Day…
We will live in a truly wireless world
Free from geometrical constraints.
But Today…
I will wrestle with the wires, the tubes, and the lines
And hope it doesn’t fall apart when moving the patient.
Some Day…
An anesthetic recipe will be
Calculated, titrated and delivered by a computer.
But Today…
I will dose, monitor and redose
Based upon what I observe.
Some Day…
A single monitor will tell us everything:
Oximetry, blood pressure, cardiac output, and the rest.
But Today…
I will use the tools I have before me
And try to maintain homeostasis.
Some Day…
People will view a laryngoscope the way my kids
View a 45 record, and ask, “What is that?”
But Today…
I will load my blade and check the light
And do it “the old-fashioned way.”
Some Day…
No needle will enter the body
Without first visualizing the anatomy.
But Today…
I will use the landmarks I was taught
And believe that it’s better to be lucky than good.
Some Day…
A colleague might pull me aside and delicately suggest
That I quit the game while I’m ahead.
But Today…
I will don my scrubs and pull up my mask
And be thankful for the opportunity to play.

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