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Education: Mind to Mind

To Be There

Chang, Helen A. D.O.*

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BAREFOOT, running through the streets
Not a car in sight
A steady, musical rainfall
Fresh smell of asphalt
Dad is driving
Tunes of Simon on repeat
Feeling sleepy on bumpy roads,
Where are we now?
Cows grazing to our right
A glistening Pacific horizon to the left.
She smiles with
The baseball is thrown,
It’s a hit!
Walks home together from Kindergarten were
The best part of the day.
“I want to be a doctor when I grow up.”
A hug.
Now, I hold her hand.
The beat of monitors
Smell of sterile linen, silencing alarms, oral swabs
She feels different.
I’m here with you, Grandma.
To understand
It’s raining today.

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