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doi: 10.1097/ALN.0b013e3182545d0b
Mind to Mind

Anesthesiology to Rescue

Serdarevic, Mirsad Ph.D.*

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YOU all have heard of them
A.k.a. Xanax
Today it is alleviating horror that is a panic attack
Tomorrow it is condemned as an addict’s choice
Yet, those who suffer have no voice
They take what their doctors offer
Substances that simultaneously “solve” and
A person who once was
In and out of psychiatrist’s revolving doors: treat agoraphobia at first
Then back for a follow-up to treat that which was supposed to treat agoraphobia
Only now they have excessive thirst
First praise for Haldol and ugly voices it destroys
Then reality of TD and shaky hands sets in
Yet another reminder of psychotropic imprecision
Limited therapeutic choices and hard decisions
So, in the name of those who suffer, Anesthesiology is called to help
Masters of gases
Might you be able to help neurotic masses?
Experts of all things with short and long
Could you lend a hand and improve life
Of those who may not adhere, to that which is causing sore throat, weight gain, diabetes?
And constipation
May you concoct something more precise and gentle?
While keeping person’s dignity and having them be

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