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Mind to Mind

This Thy Bounty

Schwann, Nanette M. M.D.*

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THE sealing of the cardboard boxes
On the floor of the back corridor
Stainless steel sinks silently stare
In the glimmer of civil twilight
This harvest will feed a fortunate few
Rushed to the table awaiting
The airborne cargo
Bobs in floats of slushy ice
Lazarus boxes travel under weary eyes
Sealed with clear packing tape
Screeching with each tear
Jagged edges sever pieces with finality
Screech, rip, cut
The roll moves swift and smooth
Relentless ritual
Overlapping layers of plastic encircle
Precious gifts splendidly wrapped in red
Each box on the corridor floor waits
Glowing with a halo of incandescent light

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