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Acupressure on the Extra 1 Acupoint: The Effect on Bispectral Index, Serum Melatonin, Plasma ß-Endorphin, and Stress

Fassoulaki, Argyro MD, PhD, DEAA*; Paraskeva, Anteia MD, DEAA*; Kostopanagiotou, Georgia MD*; Tsakalozou, Eleftheria MSc; Markantonis, Sophia PhD

doi: 10.1213/01.ane.0000250911.43942.4e
Ambulatory Anesthesia: Brief Report

BACKGROUND: Acupressure on the “extra 1” point decreases bispectral index (BIS) values and stress.

METHODS: We investigated the BIS, melatonin, β-endorphin, and verbal stress score values before, after 10 min of acupressure application on the extra 1 point, on a sham point, after no acupressure, and 1 h after completion of each intervention in 12 volunteers.

RESULTS: The BIS and verbal stress score values were decreased after acupressure on the extra 1 point (P = 0.0001 and P = 0.008, respectively), but melatonin and β-endorphin did not change.

CONCLUSION: Acupressure on the extra 1 point has no effect on melatonin and β-endorphin levels.

IMPLICATIONS: We investigated the effect of acupressure on the “extra 1” acupoint in volunteers. Acupressure applied for 10 min on the extra 1 point reduced the bispectral index values and stress when compared with a sham point and with no pressure application, but melatonin and β-endorphin did not change significantly.

From the *Department of Anesthesiology, Aretaieio Hospital, Medical School; and †Laboratory of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, School of Pharmacy, University of Athens, Athens, Greece.

Georgia Kostopanagiotou, MD, is currently at Department of Anesthesiology, Attikon Hospital, Haidari, Greece.

Accepted for publication October 9, 2006.

Supported by Research Committee Grant 70/4/6596, and annual Departmental sources from the Medical School, University of Athens.

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