October 2009 - Volume 32 - Issue 5
pp: 453-545
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Head & Neck


Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Trastuzumab (Herceptin) in HER2-Overexpressed Metastatic Breast Cancer

Perez-Ellis, Carole; Goncalves, Anthony; Jacquemier, Jocelyne; More

American Journal of Clinical Oncology . 32(5):492-498, October 2009.

Does Surgical Closure Technique Affect Early Mammographic Detection of Tumor Recurrence After Breast-Conserving Therapy?

Newlin, Heather E.; Indelicato, Daniel J.; Abbitt, Patricia; More

American Journal of Clinical Oncology . 32(5):499-503, October 2009.

Hormone Receptor Expression Is Associated With a Unique Pattern of Metastatic Spread and Increased Survival Among HER2-Overexpressing Breast Cancer Patients

Paluch-Shimon, Shani; Ben-Baruch, Noa; Wolf, Ido; More

American Journal of Clinical Oncology . 32(5):504-508, October 2009.


Central Nervous System



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