Community Health Workers

Created:   8/27/2015
Contains:  16 items

The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management has dedicated a number of special issues to literature about, for -- and often by -- Community Health Workers (CHW). The special issues provide an opportunity for members of the CHW community to reflect upon the work to strengthen policy and practice and for CHW and allies to become more connected as a community of practice.

The issues explore CHWs’ role in advocating for their profession and their communities, as well as contributions of CHWs to reforming the US health care system and increasing access to healthy food and nutrition. All Special CHW issues and related content are compiled in this special collection.

To read a special introduction from Guest Editors, Noelle Wiggins, EdD, MSPH and E. Lee Rosenthal, PhD, MS, MPH, access the full text of this special introduction here.

Consumer Decision Making

Creator:   Norbert Goldfield, MD, Editor
Created:   10/2/2009
Contains:  4 items

Health Policy

Creator:   norbert goldfield
Created:   1/11/2010
Contains:  1 items
In this era of health reform, there are many claims and counterclaims as to what should be implemented to bend the cost curve. This set of articles will identify well validated practices that can significasntly bend the cost curve, a critical issue we must address if we are ever to have universal coverage

Open Access Articles

Created:   8/28/2015
Contains:  11 items

Outpatient Payment Policy

Creator:   Norbert Goldfield, MD, Editor
Created:   10/18/2009
Contains:  1 items
This collection of articles highlights the Journal's commitment to publishing the latest information on payment design for any type of outpatient services - whether they be for visits, episodes; for hospitals or primary care physicians

Ten Years of Outpatient Redesign

Creator:   Norbert Goldfield, MD, Editor
Created:   10/5/2009
Contains:  7 items

Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams Wilkins has graciously provided a link for the entire edition of The Journal Of Ambulatory Care Management (Volume 32, Number 1) entitled: Ten Years of Outpatient Redesign: Experiences of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. The seven articles are an invaluable reference for participants with the Institute for the Ideal Medical Home.