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October 2015

Dear AJPM&R readers,  

This month's issue of the AJPM&R includes 8 excellent research articles. Of particular interest to the reader may be the reports on geriatric rehabilitation and paralympic athletes. In addition, this issue circulates together with a Special Issue dedicated to Clinical Trials. The latter includes 10 reports of clinical trials that address important questions in rehabilitation medicine. We remind our readers that some of the content (Letters to the Editor and Visual Vignettes) is published online only.

Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD

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Mandatory Use of Reporting Guidelines Starting January 1, 2015

The quality of a scientific article depends on the quality of both the research and the reporting. The AJPM&R has joined 27 other journals in our field (see editorial) to require the use of reporting guidelines in the preparation of manuscripts submitted for review starting January 1, 2015.  We encourage all authors to become familiar with key reporting guidelines, which are available at the EQUATOR Network website.


On the Cover

October 2015

Ultrasound and MRI images of the left knee revealing quadriceps fat pad impingement and mild-moderate lipoma arborescens.
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September 2015

Sonographic tracking of the suprascaoular nerve.
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August 2015

Perioperative ultrasound imaging for fl exor tendon ruptures in the hand.
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July 2015

Allogeneic rabbit articular chondrocytes survived in the degenerating rabbit intervertebral disc. Chondrocytes labeled with infrared dye were injected into the discs and were imaged at 2 weeks post injection. © 2015 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.


June 2015

Left oculomotor nerve injury after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage.
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May 2015

Ultrasound demonstrates segmental hypoechoic thickening of the superficial fi bular nerve, suggestive of neuropathy vs transection neuroma. MRI shows tibial nerve enlargement and abnormal signal within the lower limb musculature, compatible with tricompartmental myonecrosis.
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April 2015

A research team member navigates the Virtual Environment using a standard video game controller. The view of the Virtual Environment operator upon entering the virtual grocery store “V-Mart.”

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AJPM&R is proud to present translations of its content into Spanish. We sincerely thank Dr. Juan Manuel Guzman and Dr. Salomon Abuchaibe for their work on the Abstract translations.

Invited Commentary: History of Rehabilitation in Latin America, by Fernando Sotelano, MD 

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