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Spasticity is a common secondary condition in patients with disabling illnesses such as stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and others. The proper assessment, treatment, and control of spasticity can facilitate the attainment of important rehabilitation goals. This collection of articles includes many of the studies published in the last ten years in the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation on the topic of spasticity. Reflecting the clinical relevance of this topic we have given preference during the selection process to therapeutic approaches to spasticity. We will continue to add articles to this collection as they are published.

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Does Botulinum Toxin Type A Decrease Pain and Lessen Disability in Hemiplegic Survivors of Stroke with Shoulder Pain and Spasticity?: A Randomized, Double-Blind,...

Marciniak, Christina M.; Harvey, Richard L.; Gagnon, Christine M.; More

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 91(12):1007-1019, December 2012.

Botulinum Toxin Type A Injections into the Calf Muscles for Treatment of Spastic Equinus in Cerebral Palsy: A Randomized Trial Comparing Single and Multiple Injection Sites

Sätilä, Heli; Pietikäinen, Tarja; Iisalo, Terhi; More

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 87(5):386-394, May 2008.

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