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May 2016

Dear AJPM&R readers,  

This new issue of the AJPM&R highlights two studies looking at the potential benefit of technology (smartphones and virtual walking) on the rehabilitation process. With more technologies making it to the marketplace, there is a need to test them in a clinical setting to determine their potential effectiveness. A review and a clinical study look at lower-limb osteoarthritis, a frequent cause of visits to a PM&R clinic. Finally, our latest addition to the video gallery illustrates how to combine ultrasound and steroid injections to treat neuromas in residual limbs. 


Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD

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Mandatory Use of Reporting Guidelines Starting January 1, 2015

The quality of a scientific article depends on the quality of both the research and the reporting. The AJPM&R has joined 27 other journals in our field (see editorial) to require the use of reporting guidelines in the preparation of manuscripts submitted for review starting January 1, 2015.  We encourage all authors to become familiar with key reporting guidelines, which are available at the EQUATOR Network website.


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June 2016

Enhancing motor learning networks by combining robotic therapy,
pharmacotherapy, and virtual reality-based reward learning.
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AJPM&R is proud to present translations of its content into Spanish. We sincerely thank Dr. Juan Manuel Guzman and Dr. Salomon Abuchaibe for their work on the Abstract translations.

Invited Commentary: History of Rehabilitation in Latin America, by Fernando Sotelano, MD 

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