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Putting Patients First

Putting Patients First

Learn what it takes to provide patient-centered care through CE and webinars!

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FREE archived webcasts from the Webinar series based upon Planetree's “Putting Patients First” series published in AJN.
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How to Try This
How to Try This Series

AJN published a series of articles and videos on evidence-based geriatric assessment tools and best practices in partnership with the New York University College of Nursing’s Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing with partial support by a grant from the John A. Hartford Foundation. Called “How to Try This,” the series translates materials from the Hartford Institute’s “Try This series” into free, web-based resources for educators, students, and clinicians.

Special Supplements
March 2012
State of the Science: Prevention and Management of Osteoarthritis
November 2009
State of the Science: Transforming Care at the Bedside: Paving the Way for Change
September 2008
State of the Science: Professional Partners Supporting Family Caregivers
June 2007
State of the Science on Diabetes Self-Management: Strategies for Nursing
March 2006
State of the Science on Nursing Approaches to Managing Late and Long-Term Sequel of Cancer and Cancer Treatment



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