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Hormone Therapy

Scott, Ramona G. MSN, NP

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Ramona G. Scott, MSN, NP

Knoxville, TN

"Menopausal Hormone Therapy: What We Know Now" (June), by Karen Roush, is very informative and well written. I've worked as a full-time women's health NP for 23 years, and it's refreshing to read a well-researched article whose author is a clinician.

My favorite sentence: "Before performing a risk assessment, it's important to understand the woman's perception of risk and what she considers to be an acceptable risk-benefit balance." As I frequently tell students for whom I act as a preceptor in the clinical setting, the patient's best choice is the one she will take.

As I begin the process of enrolling in a doctorate of nursing practice program, Ms. Roush's article serves as an encouraging reminder that I can still contribute to the clinical, practical application of this degree.

Ramona G. Scott, MSN, NP

Knoxville, TN

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