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Carroll, Robert B. MBA, RN

AJN, American Journal of Nursing: January 1999 - Volume 99 - Issue 1 - p 10

Royal Oak, MI

As a male nurse, I was gratified to read Katrina Burtts' article "Male Nurses Still Face Bias" (Issues Update, September). I relate well to the problems Bruce Wheatley has faced and admire his persistence in challenging the obvious discrimination that causes those problems.

I agree that bias against male nurses starts in nursing school. I well remember one of my first student assignments in the community hospital where I did my medical-surgical rotations. One female staff nurse looked at me and sarcastically said, "Oh, a man wanting to be a nurse. When are you going to be a real job?" Once on the job, I've tolerated excessive amounts of physical work-mostly lifting heavy patients-and some sexual harassment because I'm a male nurse. Many of my male colleagues can relate similar stories.

Men have a lot to offer nursing. Our female colleagues need to ensure that they welcome men into this great profession.

Robert B. Carroll, MBA, RN

Royal Oak, MI

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