February 20, 2010 - Volume 24 - Issue 4
pp: 479-620

Resistance profile of etravirine: combined analysis of baseline genotypic and phenotypic data from the randomized, controlled Phase III clinical studies

Vingerhoets, Johan; Tambuyzer, Lotke; Azijn, Hilde; More

AIDS . 24(4):503-514, February 20, 2010.

Hepatitis B vaccination and risk of hepatitis B infection in HIV-infected individuals

Landrum, Michael L; Hullsiek, Katherine Huppler; Ganesan, Anuradha; More

AIDS . 24(4):545-555, February 20, 2010.

Concise Communication

Concise Communication

Immune and virological benefits of 10 years of permanent viral control with antiretroviral therapy

Guihot, Amélie; Tubiana, Roland; Breton, Guillaume; More

AIDS . 24(4):614-617, February 20, 2010.