October 2007 - Volume 21 - Issue 16
pp: 2119-2257
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Aberrant Epstein–Barr virus persistence in HIV carriers is characterized by anti-Epstein–Barr virus IgA and high cellular viral loads with restricted transcription

Stevens, Servi JC; Smits, Paul HM; Verkuijlen, Sandra AWM; More

AIDS . 21(16):2141-2149, October 2007.

Reassessment of autoreactivity of the broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies 4E10 and 2F5 and retrospective analysis of clinical safety data

Vcelar, Brigitta; Stiegler, Gabriela; Wolf, Hermann M; More

AIDS . 21(16):2161-2170, October 2007.

Concise Communication

Analysis of occult hepatitis B virus infection in liver tissue of HIV patients with chronic hepatitis C

Raffa, Giuseppina; Maimone, Sergio; Cargnel, Antonietta; More

AIDS . 21(16):2171-2175, October 2007.

CYP2B6 genetic variants are associated with nevirapine pharmacokinetics and clinical response in HIV-1-infected children

Saitoh, Akihiko; Sarles, Elizabeth; Capparelli, Edmund; More

AIDS . 21(16):2191-2199, October 2007.

Predictors of optimal viral suppression in patients switched to abacavir, lamivudine, and zidovudine: the Swiss HIV Cohort Study

Wolbers, Marcel; Opravil, Milos; von Wyl, Viktor; More

AIDS . 21(16):2201-2207, October 2007.

Concise Communication

Effect of twice-daily nevirapine on adherence in HIV-1-infected patients: a randomized controlled study

Parienti, Jean-Jacques; Massari, Véronique; Reliquet, Véronique; More

AIDS . 21(16):2217-2222, October 2007.

Transmission of HIV-1 drug resistance in Switzerland: a 10-year molecular epidemiology survey

Yerly, Sabine; von Wyl, Viktor; Ledergerber, Bruno; More

AIDS . 21(16):2223-2229, October 2007.


Improved detection of acute HIV-1 infection in sub-Saharan Africa: development of a risk score algorithm

Powers, Kimberly A; Miller, William C; Pilcher, Christopher D; More

AIDS . 21(16):2237-2242, October 2007.

Treatment response to ritonavir-boosted tipranavir versus ritonavir-boosted lopinavir in HIV-1 patients with higher lopinavir mutation scores

Walmsley, Sharon L; Cotte, Laurent; Rusconi, Stefano; More

AIDS . 21(16):2245-2248, October 2007.

Increased incidence of cutaneous mycoses after HAART initiation: a benign form of immune reconstitution disease?

Nacher, Mathieu; Vantilcke, Vincent; Mahamat, Aba; More

AIDS . 21(16):2248-2250, October 2007.