October 2005 - Volume 19 - Suppl 3
pp: S1-S237

Vulnerable populations

Reductions in hepatitis C virus and HIV infections among injecting drug users in New York City, 1990–2001

Des Jarlais, Don C; Perlis, Theresa; Arasteh, Kamyar; More

AIDS . 19():S20-S25, October 2005.

Neurocognitive and neuropsychological studies

The effects of hepatitis C, HIV, and methamphetamine dependence on neuropsychological performance: biological correlates of disease

Letendre, Scott L; Cherner, Mariana; Ellis, Ronald J; More

AIDS . 19():S72-S78, October 2005.

Neurological and neuropsychiatric complications

Effects of hepatic function and hepatitis C virus on the nervous system assessment of advanced-stage HIV-infected individuals

Morgello, Susan; Estanislao, Lydia; Ryan, Elizabeth; More

AIDS . 19():S116-S122, October 2005.

Virological studies

Treatment, treatment services and prevention

A framework for understanding factors that affect access and utilization of treatment for hepatitis C virus infection among HCV-mono-infected and HIV/HCV-co-infected injection drug...

Mehta, Shruti H; Thomas, David L; Sulkowski, Mark S; More

AIDS . 19():S179-S189, October 2005.